18 September 2009

Sewing Project 8--The Practical

I don't mind buying new clothes for my girls. Except when I do. Didn't I just get you some new jeans? It infuriates both Ryan and me how "things" these days are made so cheaply. Like the new drains we put in our bathroom sinks? They look older than the old ones now...I digress. Anyway, putting some cute patches on jeans isn't the most exciting thing I'd like to be sewing, but, like I said, it's practical.

Using a sturdy scrap of fabric, cut out desired shape of patch(es). Mine come from a project that keeps on giving.

Turn jeans inside out and unpick the OUTER seam about 8-10" (go ahead and give yourself plenty of room to work, as it's easy to sew up. (The inner seam is usually topstitched, making it a hassle to work with.)

Using your PAPER scissors, cut out a piece of adhesive lined paper to match your patch(es).

With the adhesive (rough) side facing the wrong side of the patch, iron over the paper.

Allow to cool. Peel off paper.

Place patch where desired and iron until adhesive melts to denim.
Proceed to satin stitch (I used a width of 3) around the edge of the patch(es), making sure you keep the seam allowance clear of your stitching! Turn jeans inside out to sew the outer seam you opened.


Or, you could just let your kid wear hole-y jeans.

It's not the worst thing in the world.

PS Should I skip all the how-to photos and go straight to before and after with these kinds of projects?


  1. NO! I love to see the process! Sew great!

  2. Can't wait for our sewing party!! I have to say....those are a lot cuter than the patches I used to wear!

  3. Wearing hearts on your knees is much more fun than holes. How-to's make me happy.

  4. Do you realize how much money you pay for "distressed" jeans? Holes are in, but my heart is with those patches.

  5. If you think girls wear jeans out fast...you should see my boys! Boys don't break it up with skirts and dresses; they wear jeans practically every day, and they wear them hard!

    The problem [for me] is that heart patches just don't look cute on boy jeans. My sweet mother-in-law took it upon herself to mend my boys' holey jeans the last time they stayed with her, but the patches are just ugly generic off-colored denim ovals. I actually think the holes were cuter. I'm not sure if cute boy patches are possible. Maybe I'm wrong. Any suggestions, anyone?

  6. I love the how tos. Every little bit helps me. And I love the hearty jeans too.

  7. Hello!
    E-mail me so I can send you your skirt!!!

    anartnest {at} yahoo {dot} come

    Have a great day and love the knee patches!


  8. Oh no I love how you show the process of what you are making. Keep doing it!
    I am inspired by your many projects and I am working on some of my own. Hopefully I will get them finished soon so I can show everyone.

  9. White Lily,
    For boys jeans, I don't mind holes so much, but at the kids' school, they aren't allowed to wear jeans with holes on dress-down days. If you wanted to do patches, I would do a neutral color wide wale cord, or a cotton neutral colored plaid in a square shape or rectangle for a more masculine look.

  10. Thanks for the suggestions. And I'm glad for the validation that holey boy jeans can be cute sometimes. :-)

  11. Nope, gotta have the process! Although I haven't linked to it, you have definitely inspired me to take on some projects. I have done a bunch of little things to make the kids clothes cuter and to cover up stains that I can't remove, tiny snags in various places, and have learned that fabric glue seriously is my new best friend. I can't even begin to tell you how many items I have let go of clothes because the applique(sp)/ribbons/etc start to twist up or do funky things. Anyway, what I'm trying to say, is that I'm loving being wiser as to how our clothes can last longer and look even cuter :)

  12. Adorable patches!!!
    I was thinking animals patches for boys, depending on age - or Saturn.

    Keep the How-to's

  13. Cathy, yes, you could definitely pull off animal patches, but for someone who has never sewn a patch, that would probably prove to be too many curves and turns! I'd love to see what you come up with!


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