09 September 2009

Pluck Your Own Bunch

Did you know there was such a thing as grape etiquette? Well, there is. Just ask my dad. Don't just PLUCK grape by grape. You take the whole bunch (they should be cut into small bunches) and pluck your own bunch. That's what my girls learned over Labor Day weekend. And while we're at it, there's chocolate box etiquette, too. Take the paper with the chocolate.


  1. happy to hear you are teaching your younguns proper grape and chocolate etiquette!

  2. So true. Thanks dad, for teaching us!

  3. Katy is kind to not mention that I did not know that proper grape etiqutte either. Moments after she had taught the girls the correct way, I plucked right from the bowl.

    "What was I thinking"--that what they all thought.

    "Whaaatt" Is what I was thinking as I starred back at their incredulous faces.

    NOW, we ALL know.

  4. Maybe when they get a bit older I can teach my kiddies, right now they eat the vine if I leave it attached.


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