11 August 2009

You've Simply GOT to

Great conversations of dreams

This man is ever going

Out without the kids

If pigs could fly, they'd surely land at the cc

Luce has the strongest will I've seen

Haze was my buddy
visit these folks.
Not only do they have a guest wing,
but their in-house cook will wow with what she whips-up.
The tour guide can direct you to fun finds.
The Dr. is always at your beck and call,
telling mighty stories of the ER.
The {cutest} entertainment sometimes never even goes to bed.
Thank you, Mangums, for showing us your town.
Your Cicada Cottage ROCKS!


  1. Great shots, Katy. you make us look good with that quick shooting lens of yours!

  2. Great photos! So glad you could spend time at CC with your sis.

  3. loving the phots and commentary accompanying.

  4. you linked to my-ANGEL instead of my-angle and it is some random spanish blog. funny.


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