21 August 2009

Petite Passion

Judy Moody in search of a mood ring in her cereal boxes

Having a house full of girls, there is an unusually high adoration for anything miniature.  When Azure finds an especially small grape, she holds it in her petite palms close to her face and talks in an even higher voice, admiring the small sphere.  As I was helping Divine make her diorama, I turned to Ryan to declare, "I love things like this."  He was glad.


  1. I love the cereal on the floor. Did she get an A? I bet she did!

  2. I love stuff like that too! Where do I start to tell you how cool this is: wallpaper, curtains pulled back, clock, family portrait...good job, Divine!

  3. Bonjour from Art Nest! Thank you for spreading the word about the skirt giveaway! When I saw your five little darlings I knew this skirt needed to be home with you~ That's right - YOU WON!

    Please send me your mailing address through my blog (under the contact tab)

    Susannah @ Art Nest

  4. Divine's diorama is diminutive and divine.
    And you won the skirt too!

  5. congrats on the skirt and congrats on the diorama! My dad's mother was also a sucker for the miniature... but it was my dad who usually helped with dioramas. (I still remember: a city block, a paiute indian dwelling, and an underwater sea wreck) I MISS those times. Way to document it.

  6. Her teacher loved it. Her classmates love the fact the hands on the clock can go around.


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