12 August 2009

I'm Venturing to Say

Great form, love.  Umstead Hotel lobby

A visit to the Duke Gardens

mmmmmm. beads.

If we were engaged, we could use this photo

this past weekend was in competition with our honeymoon.


  1. good engagement photo!
    which won? NC or your honeymoon?

  2. Oh, so great. You two look as happy as newly weds!

  3. Yes, which won? Looks like you had a GREAT time, so glad!

  4. When was the last time you had a weekend together? You are so freaking gorgeous and I love seeing the yellow shoes on you!

  5. i think i tried that shirt on at h&m, but it looked wonky on me! is my eye seeing correctly? it is a great shirt and great on you. cute engagement picture :P

  6. That's the best kind of weekend. My hubs and I have been enjoying a few of those ourselves this summer...nothing better. And you are lovely.

  7. Jessica--I don't recall the last time just the two of us went somewhere....
    Michelle--yes, good eye!


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