01 July 2009

Superheros Amongst Us

Jolly July!

Since it is my birthmonth, 
I am going to do posts all month long about the greatness of me.


Question I've been pondering for some time.  We've all been given talents.  Don't tell me that you haven't, because it's a true statement.  Ryan used to try to convince me that he didn't have any talents.  Now he doesn't try to convince me nearly as often since I am ready to charge him with several very good talents and a couple of great ones as well.  Reading Helaman 4 this morning, I thought about how the Nephites were forced to become humble and recognize their salvation was going to come only through God.  I don't ever want to be forced to be humble.  I want to recognize that the only thing truly mine is my will.  My talents are not mine.  They are from God, as are yours.  So, the question I have been pondering, how does one use their gifts/talents for the building of others and doing God's will?  I'm not sure how to do channel something like sewing.  I know I could be sewing baby blankets and hats for babies in hospitals and quilts for women's shelters, but I don't feel like any of those tap my talent.  I don't quilt, anyway. 

So, I ask you, how do you use your super powers?


  1. Good question! I feel like I have been blessed with good energy--I like to share it with others, which comes in handy with small children. Also--food! I think making food for others is an easy way to spread love.

  2. I use my super powers to wake up each morning and rear four children. That pretty much uses up all the super part of my powers.

  3. Making a lot of cookies these days. They make missionaries, members and friends smile.

  4. That question of consecration is always on my mind. I like Jessica's answer: FOOD. It is the easiest way to share with others.

  5. But, I am still working on that answer.

  6. It's my birthday month also, hooray! I'm with your sister, all my superpowers are being used on my 4 children at this moment, but I'm sure that will change once we get our routine down. I want to start sewing, play the flute again, and learn to garden,,,one day!

  7. I like to decorate. I've struggled with making sure this is a worthy use of my time and that somehow it can bless the lives of others. I've discovered this: helping a dear friend discover the beautiful sanctuary that is her master bedroom, helping another strategically hang all of her religious artwork so that it is represented throughout her home in a beautiful way, and helping another create a fun and organized place for her children to be are all worthwhile, while still enjoying my "talent" for symmetry, color and creating a beautiful room on a budget...

    By the by, I love your blog. ;)

  8. Thank you all for your thoughts on the subject. Ryan and I discussed it last night and I feel more confident that sometimes it's not so much what I'm sewing, but more of how I'm living my life and continuing to develop my talents for something perhaps the future holds.

  9. I believe one of your greatest super powers, Katy,is your creativity. You are able to take the simplist of natures gifts and turn it in to something even more beautiful and exciting. I am always in awe of the things you are creating. Your gentle spirit radiates your joy for creating. You have so much faith and love that flows from you. This gift has GREATLY influenced my life. I have been the beneficiary of your super powers. I am grateful for your blog because it allows me to still be affected by them. You may not realize it, but every one of your posts have brought me a smile or caused me to reflect on my life. YOU are a super super woman with many a super super powers and you share those each day even by simply documenting your creations on your blog. PS- your little girly creations are my favorite - they are the cutest little girls ever!
    PPS -and sorry for the massive comment, but part of me was mourning as I celebrated the 4th at my parents last night. No more big Knudsen bashes down the street. No more sneeking over to say hi to you for just a few minutes. No more binochular telephone calls - you in the kitchen and me in my living room. How sad it is that the most amazing family is now gone from my hometown street. Miss you!


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