20 July 2009

Beaded Ruffle Bracelet.

You'll love this bracelet even more when you have it draped across your wrist.  

It has a most quenching weight to it--about 40 grams of beads.

It feels like the skin of a snake, slowly wrapping around you.

Thing is, it's not for sale {because it took too many hours to make.}

What I want: your best date suggestions.

Preferably low {or no} cost.  But still amazing.  Like traipsing around town, on the hunt for the best shake and fries.  And, no, they're not at the same business establishment.

So, fine print:  I'm giving you until Friday, because I really want you to give me something good. Leave a comment with your best date idea.  It will not be random, the winner picking.  It will truly be the one by which I am most impressed.  And the winner?   Yes, the above bracelet will be sent to you.  I may enlist the opinion of The One these will benefit.

Oh, and don't worry, just as the Navajos do with their rugs, I've intentionally left a path of miscounted beads to release my soul.

Post Publish Edit:  I just read a brilliant idea over at Ashley Thalman's {who is also hosting a most delightful giveaway.}  You may enter a different dating idea every day up to and including Friday to increase your odds of winning, which increases my odds I'll have a stash of dating ideas.  That Ashley.


  1. You'll truly bead-ecked with this pretty adornment. I love, LOVE, LOVE it.

    Date? what's that???????

  2. My husband and I love to watch the Foodie shows on the various networks. Especially ones that glorify the cooking of fairly unknown establishmens. So we decided to have a date where we got 3 parts of the meal at 3 different restaurants. We split an appetizer at an Italian Restaurant, ordered an off the wall meal at a Mexican place and then hit a pastry shop and split a decadent dessert. This made for a wonderful evening, with fork sparring, and dribbly faces. Not to mention by sharing we saved $$$. Then we headed out to a quiet park for some much needed holding hands and sweet kisses. We got to talk and just enjoy eachother. Good luck with your date whatever it may be!

  3. Here's my favorite date of late (the most impressive part about it is that it was a total surprise to me): Jared grabbed my hand and took me to his truck. We drove to a nearby parking garage, where we proceeded to the top level where it was peaceful and isolated. Jared pulled out an air mattress, blew it up with the pump, and laid it in the back of the truck so we could watch the stars under blankets while sipping sparkling cider from champagne flutes.

  4. cool bracelet! even COOLER that you made it!
    best date of late: strolling the streets of Seoul with my soul-mate in hand.

  5. Did you make that pattern up? So cool! Hmmmm.....one of my most memorable date with your father was when he took me up to Salt Lake in his parents green cadillac. We went to a Japanese restaurant but on the way home it started raining SO much we actually had to pull off the side of the road because this fancy cadillac was LEAKING. So we used up the Kleenix box stuffing the corners with tissue and laughing our heads off!

  6. Okay, here is my first date idea:

    Relive your first date--and make it authentic. Have Ryan "come" pick you up, the whole shebang, ie: he rings the door, opens your car door, pulls out your chair etc. An important part is the attention to details: wear what you wore (if you still have it or even remember what it was), talk about the same things, "accidently" bump into each other etc. You might have to reread your journal to jump start your memory.

  7. To celebrate, with surprise, Jamie's birthday I made a cd of our favorite songs and for the cd cover I copied a portion of a map of Virginia and told him that we were headed somewhere on the map--while we drove and listened to the tunes he guessed the possibilities. Once at our location, I took him to a Shakespeare show and had booked a room at a really sweet bed and breakfast. You could do something similar--put together a cd, research a fun place to visit, make a map, and have Ryan guess where you are headed and what you are going to do!

  8. For our last anniversary Brian and I went to the nickel arcade and had a blast. My favorite was playing Dance Dance Revolution side by side with Brian. He was much better at it then I! We played old school games like pac-man and my all-time favorite, Galaga. Oh...don't forget to play some air-hockey too! Afterwards find your local Gelato parlor and sample every flavor between the two of you.(And then of course buy your favorite)

    Jacksonville arcade possibilities:
    Lucky Touch Arcade

    Super Gaming Center (get online and read the owners review for a discount)

    Hurricane Games of Florida

  9. When we were dating (because we're not any more), Craig packed a picnic and some art supplies (sketch pads, watercolors...) and drove out to the lake at sunset and we ate and painted then compared our masterpieces. It was fun but also relaxing--I think it would be a great escape from the hustle and bustle of home life with four (or five, as the case may be!)

  10. Date idea number two:

    An hors d'oeuvre dinner on the beach. Brendon suggested using a portable table and chairs and setting just close enough to the ocean that you can feel the tide come in and wet your feet. Make it a candle-lit or lantern-lit dinner. But, this is no ordinary dinner. Here is the menu:

    A fresh crisp french baguette with two or three soft cheeses to spread (peppered goat cheese, brie, boursin).
    Pita crackers with gourmet hummus, sun-dried tomato pesto (recipe on 101 cookbooks), and your favorite olive tapenade.
    An assortment of favorite fruit: could be clementines, red grapes, juicy watermelon etc.
    And of course, for the Dill's a yummy beverage. May I suggest sparkling blood orange juice?

    Then, as you tickle your taste buds you share three things with each other:
    1. Your favorite quirk about your spouse.
    2. Your favorite physical trait about your spouse.
    3. Your favorite spiritual trait about your spouse.
    Brendon and I have actually done that last part and really enjoyed it.

    And to finish it off? A romantic walk down the beach!

    I think WE"LL try this out!

    Sounds like the Happiest Date on Earth!

  12. I have some catching up to do.

    DAY ONE: I like Ann's ideas. :) Seriously.

    My own for today is this: Make some delicious dessert and then take it to a quiet place together and commit yourselves to 5 minutes of silence together. Once that silence has passed do the following;
    1. tell each other three spiritual things that you love, appreciate or admire about them.
    2. write down five lifetime dreams and goals that you have as both individuals and as a couple.

  13. This kind of feels like we are all planning dates for MORP sponsored by CES. j/k.

    I know you are both turbo cooks but how about taking a cooking class together? A bread baking class would be sexy. Then you could take those skills home and share them with each other over and over and over and over again.

  14. This is the next date I want. It requires no preparations or thought, just simply getting out and taking a break. Go see Julie & Julia (if you haven't seen the preview yet check it out and you'll be sold) then go get fries at 5 guys Burgers and Fries, which happens to be across the street from our theater! Sweet and Simple!

  15. Date idea number three:

    Go to your nearest and favorite farmers' market. There, the two of you will split up and buy 3-5 items each. Then, you will swap your items and then you each have to make a dish out of what your spouse purchased. Then for your romantic dinner for two, you will be eating each other's delectable dishes.

    Rules: No recipes allowed. You can add flavor enhancers like spices, sauces, salt, sugar etc. The choosing of your produce must be kind (no crazy combos that you KNOW wouldn't taste good together). But be bold too!

  16. How about a bonfire on the beach with tinfoil dinners or something of the like cooked on the fire! One of you be in charge of dessert the other the meal! As the sun begins to set pull out "More Scary Stories to tell in the Dark" and take turns reading to each other. Don't forget your headlamp so you can read.

  17. Wear the kids out all day...no naps...give them baths and put jammies on them and let them bring a pillow and blanket. Pile everyone in the car and drive around town until they are all out. Then, hit your local drive-in. I'm pretty sure there is one in Orange Park. This way, you DON'T have to pay for babysitting or worry about getting home on time. Eat some yummy snacks, or bring your own and watch a good movie! (or two--sometimes they have a double feature!) Oh, and don't forget the making out. What's a drive-in for if their is no making out with your husband?!

    Good post....I like hearing all the other ideas and can't wait to hear what you and Ryan decided to do!

  18. Our favorite...BOWLING! So fun and then play some old school video games in the yucky arcade area (i.e. Pac-Man). Then, of course, dessert after...ice cream (Ryan can go wild and order the cake batter or banana foster:)).


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