06 July 2009

4th of July

We had activities of RED [making accessories]
WHITE [French Pedicures for the visiting nieces]
and BLUE [blueberry picking...again, but only 6 pounds]
as well as Ryan's popovers with strawberry butter and honey butter, 
made our own pizzas [I love Olive's moUnd of toppings],
saw a BLUE dragonfly while picking blueberries,
as well as 3 baby birds waiting for their mama to return,
and ended the evening by watching fireworks, beachside.

Azure: [sitting on my lap during fireworks, BOOM!]  clapping, Good job, fireworks!  Good job! [moon, slowly being covered by clouds] starting to cry, Oh, no!  The moon is getting lost! [more BOOMS!] Ine going inside.  It's too noisy!


  1. hate it when the moon gets lost.

  2. Wow, wish we could have been at your place!

  3. I loved it when we made individual pizzas when I was a kid--what a fun tradition and what a fun holiday! Also, saw your shout-out on cjane! Yay for you!


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