29 June 2009

A Tale

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to sew.  Always pins and needles on her bedside, she was at the ready for a moment's notice when something was in need of her nimble stitchery skills.  Her dreams were to have her own line of patterns, not to be famous, just simply to free her mind of ideas bumping into each other, and perhaps, as a positive by-product, provide pleasure to personages who participated in her passion.  This girl, until her dreams are concretified, was beyond happy to make a quite satisfying discovery called Oliver + S.  Mail day was a VERY good one.

{most certainly not}


  1. I cannot WAIT to hear more.

    Maybe she will tell me. In mini snipets, at random time, and out of the blue air--as if we were in the midst of this line of conversation.

    But I am quick, and pick it up.

    Act as if I was thinking along those thoughts too, so it makes sense that we would finish the dilougue.

    And aptly so, I often AM thinking, those thoughts too. We are one.
    We say the same things.

    And when I am not thinking what she is thinking, but we continue as we if WE were--I smile.

    This is how she works. It is lovely and interesting.

    I DO love it, when you have a good mail day.

  2. It will never be the end! You are exciting to watch!

  3. I love the yellow too. Hopefully by the time I learn how to sew I can use YOUR patterns.

  4. Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. I love what Ryan wrote. Katy and Ryan are the perfect match. So cute together.


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