02 June 2009

Lest You Think

Sunday morn, push camera button, run, 
hop on hammock (without bouncing anyone off), fix dresses, smile!

I've forgotten about my other children.  
It's just that, well, Clover's hair is always done, and usually has a pleasant face to capture.  
Divine and Pearl were away for the week, which left me my three youngest.  

It turns out, Gammy had the easy ( or at least the quiet{est} ) ones .


  1. Olive is so fun,charming, friendly and cute....but does she ever stop asking

  2. Fun hammock. Cute threesome.

  3. Good job running and jumping in the hammock. Don't you love hammocks. And especially when you have two cuties right by your side!

  4. RD, I totally agree: Katy, you are BEAUTIFUL.


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