19 May 2009

Simple Spice Suggestion

*Cinnamon straw by Darwin Bell.
Did you have a mom who taught you all cinnamons are NOT created equal?

Well, I did, and they aren't.  
If you've never tried Penzey's Vietnamese Extra Fancy Cinnamon,  
you are in for a treat.  
Simply smelling it, you know it's going to be something sumptuous.

Don't have a Penzey's Spices near you?  
Get their catalog or order online 
{although, online, they don't have pictures of their spices, 
plus they have recipes and free spice coupons in their catalogs.}


  1. Ahhh! Vietnamese Extra Fancy Cinnamon is mmmmm gooooood!

  2. My current Penzey's obsession is their california pepper blend: black pepper, red and green pepper, onion and garlic. Heaven! I throw it on everything.

  3. Jessica, I love culinary chat with you!


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