05 May 2009


Butterflies, honeysuckles, and poppies, oh my!

I consider Pearl my little poppy.  You've seen them.  They look so glum, and forlorn before they bloom, as though that slim, furry stem would never be able to support their head.  You'd never suspect what great beauty they held.  Pearl appears, to casual onlookers, to be poor in spirit.  Why would God give someone poor in spirit strawberry blonde hair?  He wouldn't.  Pearl feels deeply.  Her thoughts and thought process bloom beyond her mere 6 years.  She's the antitheses of the scripture in Revelations 3:15
 I know thy works, that thou are neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.    

Pearl is anything but lukewarm.


  1. I love that you've been doing special blogs for each of your girls. They are all so beautiful.

  2. Pearl is so cute.
    Cute new Cut.
    Cute crevice in a cute smile.

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  4. I totally agree! Pearl is wonderful. I love, love, love, Pearl and her haircut.

  5. I have a feeling she is always going to gain confidence and strength from that little statement about her hair, "Why would God give someone poor in spirit strawberry blonde hair?" I love it.


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