01 May 2009

My Blue Sky Baby

o  she loves life
o  she knows what she wants
o  and she goes after it
o  she doesn't 'miss a trick'
o  what other 2-year-old do you know loves to watch Fantasia?
{talk about strange!}
o  she knows her colors
o  and some of her letters
o  she loves life

Typical Azure anecdote:  Sitting in front of her, a freshly poured bowl of Rice Krispies.  She takes that first bite, which usually results in the dry cereal sticking all over the lips.  She carefully turns to Divine, trying not to knock any of the Rice Krispies off and asks, "Divine, do I have sometheen on my face?" without cracking a smile.

she just walked into my bedroom and declared, "it's morning!"


  1. She does love life! And I love her!

  2. That Krispy trick cracks me up!! I love Azure, too.

    (my word verification was "perlisu")

  3. the little story at the bottom cracked me up- what a little comedian you have! when elias saw these pictures he said "there's friend azure, i gonna go her house!"

  4. The last time I was with Azure, her little hands came up to my face and she just looked at me for a long time. Suddenly she gave me a big kiss. That sweet, little darling child loves deeply and that's what makes life so wonderful for a grandma.

  5. That is a hilarious anecdote...she's just two?

  6. Katy you are not going to believe this but my youngest Katie (age almost 18)loved to watch "Fantasia" from the time she was two until about age five. When she started to have nightmares she no longer watched it. I still can't watch all of it. Not sure why but it creeps me out. Tina (annsmominlaw)
    Azure is so magical to watch with all the colors in her circle.

  7. What a great girl. What a great series of pics. What a sweet talented little humour.


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