07 May 2009

Mothers Are Beautiful

This poppy clippie is so hot off the press I haven't even added it to my Etsy shop yet!

There are some of you out there who are afraid of accessorizing.  I'm not talking about your go-to pair of earrings, or your classic brown, leather belt, or your I-wear-it-in-the-shower necklace.  I'm talking about something that adds a 
S   P   L   A   S   H 
of color and makes you feel a bit more feminine because of it.  I know I just hosted a giveaway at Jordan's blog, but I'm doing another one this weekend.  I'm going to let the winner choose any of my Etsy clippies*.  

Yes, mull it over, weigh the color options, sizes, styles.  AND I'm going to try to add some new ones between my commitments of Primary meetings and {lucky me!} two Mother/Daughter Tea Parties--both Olive and Pearl have one at their schools--where I will be putting on my heels and adding a flower clippie and perhaps even wear my hair curly for the occasion of sipping, pinkies held high, with two of my lovelies.

Fine print:
You have until Sunday, Midnight to leave your comment.
I once read I like a comment with guts.  I do too.  Tell me something fun about YOU.  What makes you....you?  Funny story.  Strange quality. Quirks.  Things that make you endearing.   

*If you don't wear things in your hair, I would happily oblige and make yours into a pin!  Oh!  The options!

Happy Mother's Day
to all you beautiful women.


  1. It would be so fun to win,
    I'd request my poppy as a pin.

    You've inspired me to change my style
    All you create makes me smile.

    I wear the earrings which match my clothes,
    Many ask "Where to get those".

    Your Etsy site Sewappropo
    Is certianly a great place to go.

  2. Does you such a dork count as a comment with guts?
    P.S. I am very fond of dorks.

  3. Why Jennifer Should Win Your Hairclip, An Essay.

    There are many reasons Jennifer needs one of your hair clips, the first of which is because she has a friendly score to settle. She has an old High School friend, male, not gay, who one day informed her gently, but resolutely, that she could not accessorize if her life depended on it. Jennifer has never forgotten this and feels a deep seated need to send him a photo with her and her new clip.

    Jennifer's inabilities to accessorize step from her mother, who is a charming, demure, lovely woman who also cannot accessorize. She learned this from her mother, who was a very poor single mother living in Paris (oh, the irony), who was very ill and who died when my mother was 14. Do you see that a clip fine as yours worn by Jennifer could redeem three lost generations?

    Jennifer's marriage is another good reason she needs fancy hair clips. Her husband doesn't know that in the past 10 years, she has developed flair and color that he ought to meet.

    In all fairness, it should be stated that Jennifer does accessorize, but only in France.

    And, in the spirit of being quite truthful, it should also be said that Jennifer frequently wears flowers in her hair. Typically, however, they are weed-like and wilted. Sometimes they are pokey and other times they have tenants. It would be lovely if she could ALREADY have a flower in her hair before she set out to take the kids for walks.

    A Sewapropos clip would look very good with the bold lipstick she is in the habit of wearing.

    And these are the reasons Jennifer should win a Sewapropos clip.


  4. I would like others to perceive me as gracious as my mother or as Katy Dill, but underneath all the layers there's still an 18-year-old who would pee on the lawn of an apartment complex (corner of University Ave and University Pkwy, Provo) on New Year's Eve just for kicks. (Did I just say that???)

  5. Well I have always been a low maintenance plain girl who barely wears earrings with an outfit. As you know I am now graduated from college, served a mission and looking for a husband! I think this kind of accessorizing would help in my endeavors! Thanks
    Karlie (Brendon's sister)

  6. I'm afraid of aliens. Not the "illegal" variety, but the big-headed green kind. E.T. left permanent scars. Am I afraid of things that could really happen (serial killers, burglary)? Not so much. It's ALIENS. I'm always afraid when I open my eyes in the shower after rinsing off that an alien will be standing there waiting to grab me.

    Crazy? Perhaps.

    P.S. I'm Jordan's sister-in-law:)

  7. They all have guts. A clippie for each! P.S. I like the blackened edges of the poppy.

  8. Every time I come in or out of the house I have to pluck a couple of weeds.

  9. It's old news that I'm quirky and gutsy-that I hate wearing underwear, that I do a water/fire ritual in the morning, that I find value in colorful language, that I sing Irish drinking songs at the top of my lungs while I clean the kitchen after dinner. Give me a pin, lady!!

  10. A new quirk that I just learned about me only yesterday is that I could spend large amounts of time looking at rubber stamps and thinking up ways to use them. It has actually sparked a new hobby to come...can't wait to show you!

    I too, love the singed edges of the poppy.

  11. My entire life I've had short hair. Short, short, short. A couple of years ago, a certain child was concerned each time I got my hair cut. I received comments such as "I've never known anyone with hair as short as yours" and "Why do you need to get your hair cut?" Following one haircut, the child, with his father holding his hand, came up to me after church and said "What did you do to your hair? I liked it better before". That moment on, I started growing my hair. It is now long enough for hair accessories, and I would love to adorn my finally long-enough hair with this beautiful hair clip. I need pizzazz in my life.

    P.S. I'm fairly confident that I won't win because I'm quite a boring person, but it's OK. I'll just buy it from your shop. :)

  12. You described me perfectly as one who is "afraid of accessorizing," besides of course my "go-to pair of earrings" and "classic" brown and black leather belts.

    It's not that I don't like to feel feminine...indeed I do. I love a nice pair of strappy heels and I really love skirts. I also like to paint my nails...I just never do because I'm too busy with all of the boys in my life! Perhaps if I had a little girl to play dress up with, we could invite her girlie friends over and have nail painting parties together.

    But alas, I am surrounded by boys...my handsome and adoring husband, and the three precious strapping boys he's given me. I don't know if little girls are the same, but I love all of the doting compliments I receive from all these (mostly little) men.

    My little boys like their mama to look pretty. When I'm all dressed up for church on Sunday I get lots of "you look so pretty!" My oldest son's standard compliment for me is, "You're pretty and beautiful forever, even when you die!" They love to pick flowers for me, and I can only imagine the compliments that would come my way if I had one of your darling flower clippies in my hair. These guys notice subtle changes in my appearance...like a different shade of eye shadow, even.

    That said, it wouldn't be without guts that I would adorn my hair with such a clippie. I am definitely more bold in my writing and in the expressing of my opinions than I am in my dress and accessorizing. I live in a fashion comfort zone, if you will...my closet full of blacks, whites, browns and grays. I was just lamenting the other day at how few SPLASHES of color there are in my closet. I need to remedy that, I think, and my hair would be a great place to start.

    By the way, I found your blog via your sister Jordan's blog, and I must say I was hooked immediately. I like your self-confidence and your bold and unique style. I also love your precious little girls. I don't know if I will ever have daughters of my own, but if not or until then, I suppose I get my daily dose of little girlie sweetness vicariously through yours! Thanks.

  13. When I want to be bad I listen to good rock n' roll music slightly too loud AND splurge at the grocery store.

    I'm a real rebel, huh?!

    Plus, the blue and white striped flower with the yellow center would look awesome with the yellow shirt I just bought.

    Love your stuff!

  14. I won your earrings on your sister's blog - thank you so much! I can't wait to admire your craftwoman's-ship & then put them on!
    I would love a chance at winning this too, but would that make me greedy? Or just in love with lovely things?

    I still call toaster waffles 'Leggo My Eggo' when I want some or am offering my daughter any - (and they're not even Eggo brand). I have a brief but loud cackle laugh that pops out of me like a bubble of air that I can't stop - and almost every time it makes me laugh (and those around me) even more.

    There's to random!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  15. Its me again, commenting your eyes off (kind of like talking your ear off but bloggy talk).....
    What a lucky winner!


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