06 May 2009

She catches onto most things so quickly, it is frustrating to her when she doesn't.
She is so tender with Clover, talking to her as her mother would, not a sister.
She has a true best friend in her closest sister.  Spats and secrets both.
She loves a good project and her mother dreams of many a night when they'll collaborate on some.  In fact, we already have one in the works...
My first born, I love you so.


  1. Wonderful tribute. I agree!
    Cute haircut Divine!

  2. What a beauty! You will have fun doing projects together!

  3. I can't believe this is Divine. I almost still picture that 2 year old Brian would try to get to smile at him, without success!

  4. Divine, I love you so very much. Singing, playing piano duets and shopping is a fun time, with you as my companion.

  5. Oh Divine, you are so cute!!! Love, love, love the new haircut. You are the best big sister ever! You are a sweetie!

  6. methinks i ought to take this photo to my hairstylist next time. so cute.

    what a doll.

  7. I have to comment on all of these. Katy, I admire you:) and so does that first born:)


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