24 March 2009

16 Eames Stamps for 2008 by eamesd
Sometimes I think I'm too frivolous.
I don't buy the "forever" stamps because they're dull.
I remove embroidery and BowS from my children's clothes.
I paint the inside of my mirrored medicine cabinet.
I like to change up my bedspread when the mood hits.
And make pillows to match.
I paint.
and paint.
and paint.
I can't stand to wear b o  r   i   n    g shoes.
I love fresh flowers in my bathroom.
and bedside.
on the table.
you get the point.
I turn on the cartoon Word World, even if the kids aren't in the room because I think it's quite clever how they make everything out of words.
I like eye-pleasing wrapping of a gift.
I replace perfectly fine drawer pulls (or paint them...twice) with ones that are prettier.
Yes, sometimes I'm frivolous,
but when it comes to what really matters,
I'm as serious as the woman in Grant's 
American Gothic.
(   American Gothic by jough [formerly jough]      )

What are your frivolities?


  1. Many of the above AND I decorate with fruit, candy, rocks, or spheres of various sizes. In the winter I am wont to bring in 3 foot icicles and secure them with snow as a centerpiece on the dining table. I have been known to use a deciduous tree as a Christmas tree, sans leaves. AND I paint pots to match the color of the flowers planted in said pot. Are WE related?

  2. Well, I do have a thing lately for bags. And scarfs. It must be a Korean thing. And also really cool containers. It sounds like I have hiding issues.

  3. You are an inspiration to me. I love fresh flowers in the kitchen - especially peonies, sometimes I spend more on wrapping paper than actual gifts, and I love exciting shoes too. But I have yet to paint my drawer pulls - even once!

  4. fine cheeses, deli meat, organic veggies every so often, fresh herbs, etsy buys (hey, its handmade), picture frames and bedspreads.
    I shall add flowers now....

  5. Frivolous--not so much, it is the attention to detail. Anybody can change the obvious. It is the few that notice the lttle things and are inspired to work on them.


  6. None here - guess I am too cheap. I wear boring shoes, because I don't want to spend the money for new ones. Don't paint, b/c I am not allowed (apparently that is David's 'area'), but if I could I would. I like flowers, but can never justify spending the money. Just your average, boring, cheap person here.

  7. This is recent. I only drink raw, grass-fed, straight-from-the-cow-to-me milk from Amish dairy people. $7 a gallon and worth every frivolous cent.

  8. I love fiberful fruit leather from Trader Joes. I eat at least 2 each day. I love bikinis and any kind of swim wear, or gear. I have more bikinis then leotards! Now I live in Connecticut and I am a professional dancer and I am mormon. Now that is just frivolous!

  9. Michelle! That's a huge splurge for you! Way cool.

    Christy, you're anything but boring, or I wouldn't want to hang out with you.

    Matisse--hey, you've got the body to pull it all off!

    Ashley-I'd say fresh herbs and fine cheeses are really a necessity. Or do I have a tainted sense of reality?

    Emily--drawer knobs are an addiction, so maybe it's best you don't start.....just kidding, get your screw driver and paint out!\

  10. You have yourself pegged. Most people are blissfully unaware of how exciting they are. My splurges--green jewelry, bowls, a movie and dinner night with myself, massages. Oh, and trips around the world. (Almost forgot that one.)Thanks for posting on my blog--nice to know someone is out there!


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