27 March 2009

All in a morning

etsy additions

tonight's auction dessert in the works

a matching ribbon found to go with Olive's wardrobe choice

flowers planted in hanging baskets

birthday gift wrapped and sent
(packaging idea:  spray paint an empty container--sturdy enough to send through the USPS--and wrap with electricians tape, topped with a punched paper for address info)

a swing with Azure in the new hammock {thanks, love}

ps i have full intentions of bidding on my own dessert


  1. I'm impressed! What's the dessert?

  2. Wowee!!! That sounds delish!

  3. First bid: 100,000 Korean Won

  4. What did you make with those lovely lemons? Uh, could you be any cuter or creative with that tin?

  5. Jessica, those are actually candied oranges:

    Flourless Chocolate torte with chocolate/orange glaze with strawberry orange sauce to serve with it.

  6. Katy, you did all this in just a morning's time??? You are truly amazing. By the way, your dessert at the auction was scrumptuous. Thanks for sharing a piece with me. (I did bid on it several times, but I couldn't outbid Claudette.)

  7. And to think, this morning all I did was look at blogs, order something from Amazon, and take a shower. You amaze me.


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