23 February 2009

Happy Six Pearl!

Pearl Estella Dill.  Name sake of her great-great grandmother.  I've heard the stories of her life.  She was a woman of strength, doing what had to be done for her family to flourish, also lovingly known as Mom Burch.  I only knew her as the woman at the rest home, to whom we snuck chocolates, and those calf-skin soft hands she'd hold mine with, and those squishy lips she'd kiss me with.  She was the type of woman who has her very own breed of iris. 

Pearl is strong.  She was born in the car, making the grand kind of entrance she relishes.  She will accomplish great things like her great-great grandmother.  She is our deep thinker, never afraid to ask questions.  She just wants to know.  She already philosophizes about life and God.  Talking with Ryan about the miracles Christ performed, she confessed she wasn't sure that she believed that they really happened.  She wanted to believe, but she just wasn't sure.  That's all He asks, Pearl, is that we have the desire to believe.  

We are blessed you are ours, Per.  Happy 6th.

*The above photo was taken last summer 
by the talented Ashley Thalman who just launched her website


  1. Happy Birthday to my Pearl of Great Price!

  2. So beautifully put. Thank you, Pearl, for coming into this world! We love you SO much!

  3. Happiest birthday to Pearly Girly!

  4. Happy Birthday to Pearl, she is such a cutie!

  5. Happy Birthday, Pearl! You are so much fun!

  6. Hip happy birthday.
    (Still one of my favorite pics).

  7. Hi, Katy! Your girls look so grown up. Heather and I were talking about you yesterday, so I thought I'd say hi.


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