27 February 2009

Gone Harping

Style 11 Gold Semi Grand
Be back soon.


  1. A beautiful comfort for those grieving the death of a wonderful husband and father.

    Katy's playing was so peaceful and filled our hearts with love and gratitude bringing us all closer to heaven....at least that's how I feel when she plays.

    It was a long way to travel, had to pawn off children, rush others to school and even pick up her mother-in-law. Whew! She did it all before 10:00 A.M, and by the way looked amazing, herself.

  2. I still really, really, want to hear you play!!

  3. It was a funeral at Jax Beach, the father of a woman in our ward. It was a beautiful service (and Bill Marriott spoke.) Dad, one of the kids is a florist and had huge 3 feet in diameter spherical arrangements of roses and cherry tree branches on each side of the stand.

  4. Katy, your music was heavenly and you looked like heaven surrounded by all those gorgeous flowers. Your talent and efforts brought a beautiful spirit to a heavenly funeral of a remarkable husband and father. We loved Bro. Ladd and I am still saddened by his passing.

  5. There she is. What a piece of eye candy for me. Good for you using your talent for good. It inspires me.


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