13 February 2009

bowls and bowls and bowls and bowls and bowls

Ryan calls it a fetish.  I call it the need to have the perfect size bowl whether it be for a small portion, a condiment, garnish, toppings, small serving, large individual portion, or a small mixing bowl, plus be the color of my mood.  I'm always on the lookout.  Okay, so maybe that could be classified as a fetish.  Maybe

Do you have a fetish?


  1. vases. right size, right color, right shape.

  2. My fetish....scarves just in Korea. And recipes books. (I had to ask Kurt)

  3. containers of any sort - especially used glass jars, the ones that small condiments come in are wonderful. It baffles me that people actually throw these things away. I have purchased items at the grocery store just because I want the jar.

  4. Fabric. I have ever so much! The problem is deciding what to do with it. I have 10 ideas for each kind.


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