07 January 2009

Morning Conversation and Afternoon Tea Party

Olive is the early riser of our offspring.  She tiptoes into our room after Ryan has left for work and stands right in front of my face as I lay, trying to convince her I'm still asleep (it never works, or she doesn't care.)  She asks, in a whisper (at least), if I made those "things" for breakfast.  She's referring to the wheat berries I (pinky) promised to start in the crockpot last night.  No, I forgot. Again.  Quickly trying to come up with something else that would make her just as happy, How about some oatmeal with brown sugar and cream?  Her eyebrows go up, a smile appears and and she clasps her hands. She must agree.

We go into the kitchen and she eagerly helps add and stir ingredients.  With everyone else still in bed, she whispers to me, as the oats finish cooking, "Now ow famly is back to nomal, white?" "Why do you say that?"  "Because weow all heow."  (Divine and Pearl spent the weekend at Gammy's.) "Yes, we're all here."

Afternoon tea party with mini versions of everything included Minnie (and Claira & Felicity)

and yes, Olive still has her jammies on, though I must clarify that she did have a bath, but came to the conclusion that it was too cold for regular clothes and put her jammies back on


  1. I love that Olive. When will your girls come have a tea party with us?

  2. tell me how you cook your wheatberries. there must be a secret because kids won't touch mine with a ten foot pole.

  3. I have to leave another comment...
    how fun to have sisters to play with. It makes me miss mine.


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