21 November 2008

Next Time

Next time we'll know to turn on faucets throughout the house to reduce the pressure of the water gushing out of the broken pipe in the wall.  
Next time we'll know exactly where to turn the water off outside and have the key to do it.  
Next time we'll know who (thank you Caruso's!) has a wet vac to suck up the inch of water all over the bathroom.  
Next time we'll know that we should focus our attention on the closet with saturated carpet instead of the bathroom tile.  
Next time Pearl will know not to call 911 (she didn't really call, but tried to convince us it was an emergency in need of bigger help.) 
 Next time we'll just call a plumber (before we start anything.) 
Next time David (I'm positive) will tell us he has other plans.  (THANK YOU, DAVID.  We'll think of some way to repay your hours of service....)

PS There won't be a next time....right?


  1. Cute picture:) He enjoyed helping out. Glad we could be of service.

  2. Oh man. Sorry about that mess! Aren't you glad for people that love you! M

  3. Oh man...I flooded our basement last summer and it was horrible. So sorry you ended up in your own water mess. One positive...at least it was from a broken pipe and not your own scatterbrained error. :)

  4. No next time! Hope it's a once in a lifetime experience.

  5. i do find consolation in the fact that bad things happen to other good people too.
    ah - these things happen. and they stay with little kids a long time. bet they bring it up several times over the next few years. "Hey, remember when the bathroom flooded?"

  6. I hate that "next time" feeling. I sure you hope you don't have a next time! :)

  7. It seems that we always have to try something and then learn from it. I hope there won't be a next time either but if there is you will know what to do right?


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