03 September 2008

Upon returning from our impromptu trip to Animal Kingdom, due to havoc from Fay on gammy's condo, (some say) the happiest place on earth, we were met with some post Labor day lamentations.

First.  No Mail.  Some hooligans took to beating our mailbox.  Now, I wasn't particularly attached to the mailbox, though I had just touched it up the day before we left.  What was so traumatizing was the fact that mail from Saturday was gone.  What if that was the day I received a publisher's clearinghouse sweepstake's check?  Or my Threads magazine (even though I got that the day before we left, too)? Or a sweet, personal note, handwritten by a dear friend?  I'll never know.

Second.  No Honey.  Getting ready for the carpet layers, we cleared out closets full of food storage and discover honey-saturated carpet and an almost entirely empty carton of honey.  Not the little honey-bear.  No.  This quart size container sprung a leak.  Blessings that there were no ants involved.  And that we were replacing the carpet anyway, but the honey had seeped under the carpet along two sides of the closet and around the door.

Third.  No Cool Air.  What?!  Ryan was going out of town the next morning and the air goes out.  German (pronounced Hair-Mahn) couldn't come until today.  Still waiting.  Be advised that we won't be here if the thermostat goes up to 87 again.  I promise.  Meet me at the mall today anyone?

I miss my other honey.


  1. Oh Dear! So many tragedies! Hope things are better tomorrow! Yes, go to the mall. M

  2. katy, let me know if the pics aren't there by next tuesday and i will reship them...

  3. You sound sticky in more ways than one. Sorry.

  4. Oh, so sorry Katy! Sounds like you need a trip to the Big Apple with your honey and your padres! How does tomorrow sound? :)

  5. stupid old labor day!
    but yes, at least no ants showed up for your party.


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