11 September 2008

NYC sans les enfants (soph la petite Clover)

Sometimes we got stuck in the subways



say more?

View from the hotel

We stumbled upon....and think highly of this cookbook which is really just 
as much fun to read as it is to use in baking delectables

I dream of this place at night (side notes: though named Sullivan St Bakery, it's on 47th between 10th & 11th--and what other bakery do you know has Pincushion Protea displayed?)

Charlotte, of Sullivan St Bakery, felt like family by the end of our short trip


  1. good food, good fabric...what more do you need?

  2. Charlotte said she would still be there When we got back from Korea in 18 months.

  3. You went to Mood! That's exciting. It would be nice to escape to NY so often!

  4. so fun. I wish I could go sans 4 yr old plus husband sometime. It would be great.

  5. I still dream about the delicious treats of Sullivan St Bakery you introduced me to when your family was so kind as to let me come on that wonderful trip to NY after graduation. I still have the "itinerary" that has all the addresses for the restaurants/stores/wonderful places to visit. I get it out every time I go back.

  6. A fellow fabric fiend. But you do wonders with it while I admire those who do. We're in the UK right now. Visit my blog for pics:)

  7. I'm completely jealous of your MOOD trip. I've been to NY so many times since moving east, but I've never made it to Mood.


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