21 September 2008

MS Bike Ride '08


From drizzle to downpour, Ryan rode through it all yesterday.  Making his way from St. Augustine to Daytona, without training during the summer, we were so very pleased to see him fly across the finish line (even though he didn't see us, at first.)  The smiles on those who participated were contagious as they knew they had done it.  Cowbells ringing, voices cheering, and bikers pedaling, all for a good cause.  Go, daddy!

Azure is doing it with him in '09-training begins after she masters the "other" training


  1. Whoopee for Ryan! That is amazing. I am so impressed! And especially because it is for a good cause. I love the cheerleaders.

  2. Hi Katy, Tell Ryan he is a stud. It sounds like he had a great ride for a great cause. -Matisse

  3. Good job Ryan! I'm impressed!


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