30 July 2008

One Month Clover

Time seems to be gaining speed at exponential rates.  Does that come with an increased number of kids, or increased number of years added to my age?  Since both just happened, I can't discern. Regardless, here are photos of our little Clover, one month old.  Where did those 30 days go?  People tell us frequently how this time with our kids this age flies by and to enjoy it.  I am, lately.  Especially this infant of mine.  Her cries and fussiness don't seem to fluster me like the other kids.  She is such a content little soul.  No shortage of doting females around here!


  1. Can't wait to hold Clover again!

  2. What a cute little face she has! She is adorable. Have fun in Utah!

  3. is she made of wax?

    that is unusual.


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