23 June 2008

Where has my baby gone?

Has anyone else noticed the baby in my pregnancy counter is gone?  A little presumptuous, I think.


  1. i tried to leave a comment yesterday but something happened.... i was just telling you that i thought it was quite fitting about the baby counter. I want to know where that baby is!
    of course, i am sure you are acutely aware of where he or she is at this time.
    i am dying to hear details of baby and birth so please dont' stay away long!
    good luck for a smooth and delightful delivery! hi to Ryan

  2. I hope your baby isn't floating in syber space. He/she needs to come back so he/she can be born! You look so amazingly beautiful. I want to look that gorgeous at 41 weeks! I know you are a little busy right now, but I am privatizing my blog and if you still care to view just send me a quick email with you gmail address. My address is jaredandmatissemadden@gmail.com. Thanks and best of luck!

  3. Hang in there! Do things the way you want to. It took us a long time to agree on our baby's name and when I called friends to tell them what it was so they could announce it in church, they said that when the Dill's took that long at least they came up with Azure:) Here's to the new baby's name, good luck!

  4. I'm starting to think that your dad's castor oil shake doesn't sound too bad anymore. Maybe you should just drink it while taking a leisurely walk in the hospital corridors. :)

  5. Katy and Ryan,

    I know where your baby went. She's beautiful. Congratulations to you both. Katy your are an amazing women. I admire you two greatly. It is a good thing you do such beautiful girls. Good luck in the coming months.

    When you get a chance check out how I have joined the blogging world. I haven't told anyone I have made this leap because I don't know that I will keep it up. So, don't feel compelled to let anyone know about it.

    Happy parenting!

    Steph aka Ryan's favorite cousin


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