31 May 2008

On my mind...

I'm just documenting that I haven't had this baby--in case you thought that to be the reason for my lengthy hiatus. 

I was the recipient of two out-of-the-blue gifts this week--my favorite kind.  The I-was-just-thinking-of-you-and-thought-you-might-like-this kind of gifts.  Above came from my sister Ashley, a mix of fun tunes, accompanied by pop rocks.  Anyone who knows Ashley knows what a connoisseur of music she is, so it is always exciting to see what she has discovered.  The second was from Christy who is close in her due date to mine.  This fun box was filled with a towel and dishcloths that she knew I would love and that would match my kitchen.  (A new towel and dishcloth are a simple way to refresh the look of one's kitchen.)  Thank you A & C for the random acts of gifting.

Something else on my mind:  I'm grateful I don't live in China, or I would not have her:

(Pearl or Olive or newborn baby.)  The Chinese government has issued an exception to the "One Child Law" for couples who lost a child in the recent earthquake to be able to apply to have another child.  Do they think everything will be rectified by "replacing" their first born? 

It's a different experience to parent each one of my children, and nobody could replace any of them--each one adds a different dynamic to our family.  Divine loves to please others and learn. Pearl is full of life and has never ending questions bursting from her mind.  Olive thinks life is one giant game and she is the winner of it all.  Azure is already a huge tease and mimics everything her big sisters do and say.  Newborn baby will just mix things up a bit more for us....by the end of the month


  1. I'm glad you don't live in China either. You too good of a mom to just have one. I'm glad by the end of the month you will have five children learning from you and Ryan.

  2. You look fabulous in that top picture! So excited to meet baby Dill #5!

  3. Come live in Korea, instead! I can't wait to see this new baby dill! I love the Dill's too!

  4. Can't wait til the end of the month!

    You're lookin' sexy in those shades and that belly befits you!

  5. You are looking fabulously pregnant! I hope you post lots of pics of you new little Dill!

  6. So you haven't popped yet? I bet your gals are getting more excited every day. Or maybe as I'm posting you're in the throes of labor? I feel like I can't sanely contain this bubble any longer (it's gotten to that point) and yet I'm not getting any body signals to match! Dang.


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