07 April 2008

What will you be today?


  1. Happy!!!

    And Happy 30th week to you!!!

  2. maren came up to me yesterday and moaned, 'mama, i'm having a bad day!' With all the gusto I could musto I declared, 'NO! you are having a great day!'
    She suddenly cheered up and smiled and said, 'Oh! I am having a good day!"

    I should have been a therapist!

    I am getting excited about your home stretch. How will I know when baby is born? Will you allow one of your sweet sisters to hijack your blog when there is news to share? i don't want to wait until you are back on your feet...

  3. Those are cute pictures. Which one of your sweet girls drew those?

    And your chicken looks so delicious, we are planting parsnips in the garden this year so I will have to remember that recipe.

  4. I love this, if only it were that simple, right?

  5. happy!?! wow on the chicken. prob wont happen around here... ;)

  6. Divine did made these up one day and I thought it was cute.

    Jennifer-I'm sure my mom will post some pictures of the new baby when he/she gets here, so don't you worry!


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