20 March 2008

Kurt: No, far from the adjective

He was born the first day of Spring, which just happened to suit him, for he was also born with a green thumb.  The man not only can bring the most sickly of plants back to life, but he makes them flourish under his care (remember the aloe vera we abandoned?).  I think we, as children under his and my mom's care, are flourishing.  They gave us the very best nurturing from the beginning, which is when it is most vital.  We were set on a course and shown the way, then eventually we took over and now must try to do the same for our own little seedlings.  Of course, there was all sorts of fun mixed in for extra fertilization.  Discussing the price change of stamps coming up with a friend recently, she commented that the "forever stamp" would always be good, no necessary extra postage.  I agreed, but said that I loved a new, fun stamp.  She laughed at my frivolity, and though I could see her logic, I knew my occasional desire for the form over function came from my dad.  Which I love. Happy Birthday, dad.  And thank you for grounding us, yet still encouraging us to reach for the sky.


  1. and what cute little seedlings you have! your dad is probably pretty proud that you are raising yours so well.

    where can i get great fabric? you know of any secret online places?

  2. Thanks you Katy for your birthday wishes!
    Love you lots!

  3. Between you and Jordan, I see that your Dad is such a great father! Beautiful tribute!


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