08 March 2008

Happy Birthday to Brian!

A few things I know (and like) about Brian (aka Ashley's sweetie):
He's very methodical.
He's good at bocci ball.  Really good.
He's talented at doing hair, though he has no daughters of his own.
He plays horsies really well.
Happy Birthday, Brian.  We sure are glad you've joined our madness.  We love you.


  1. Katy, I love seeing more glimpses of your house (I'm waiting for the grand tour via photo someday). oh, and great tribute to Brian. It was fun to get to know him better in New York.

  2. Hey Katy,
    Don't give up on the surfing. If anyone can do it, you can! Just think how sweet it will be when you do it! Surfing is like the gospel, you must submit to the power of the ocean. You must become as humble as the dust...you must be the scum of the earth, then when you least expect it, you will get it. Oh, yah, it takes a lot of upper body strength and a low center of gravity. I don't have either of those and therefore, I have broken my nose...twice.

  3. When I met Brian I wondered if he was a Knudsen that I didn't know about because he seems to fit into your family so well. I like his hair.

  4. I love how you substitute the word "madness" for "family" when welcoming Brian to yours. You have a creative brain!


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