04 February 2008

You Know You're a Mama of all Girls When...

1. You decide to clean under the beds and find 2 dozen little barrettes and ribbons under each one.

2. Your kids "talk" their cars instead of screeching and crashing.

3. They notice every new article of clothing you put on and comment, "Oooooh!  Cute shoes, mommy!"

4. Your kids don't know the difference between a football and basketball.

5. You find spiderman snuggled next to baby in the cradle.

6. You do your laundry and you sort: Darks, Whites, and Pinks.

7. You don't know the names of Thomas the train's friends or the vehicles on Cars.

8. You walk into your closet and find your shoes have been nicely organized.

9. Your kids argue over whose dress is the twirliest.

10. You find pink, plastic hair in your brush.


  1. That is a great list. I especially like the part about the pink hair in the brush. You have some great girls, but I'm going to cross my fingers for a boy for Ryan's sake.

  2. Yes, I do know the names of all the Thomas the train characters and only Lucy comments on my new garb.

  3. How very perfect to check the blog and see all my wonderful Florida girls! So anxious to be back.


  4. That is so true! Having 3 girls is a blast. I'm not sure what I'd do with a boy at this point. He'd probably get treated like a doll that they could dress up! :)

  5. very true. It always blows my mind at church when one of my little primary girls comes up to me and tells me how beautiful I look. I'd love a girl or two around here!!!

  6. Hey Katy. This is Ashley from high school! Your family is adorable. I can't believe you have four beautiful girls and another baby on the way.

  7. The load of pinks is so sadly true! maybe some day I'll even get to a load of purple. But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  8. Katy, I LOVE your blog. I especially enjoyed this list of girly things. On the flip side, my oldest boy turned the rubber ducky into a machine gun with all of the associated noises when he was 18 months old and all of my boys can make special effect noises that my tongue cannot comprehend. It truly is hard-wired. Thank you for letting me in to see your blog. It really was a treat for me this morning and I am so happy for you and baby number 5!!! Also, I LOVED the top picture of your little one washing the car. That one is PRICELESS!


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