22 February 2008

A Peek at Last Week

Spreading (and decorating) the love

What the kids enjoyed while we enjoyed the BIG APPLE
(They were fine with the exchange, by the way)


  1. Just things like make-your-own candy necklace, winnie-the-pooh pens, chocolate suckers, miniature dolls, most obtained at the dollar store.

  2. oh i did something like that when we left the kids with my inlaws too! only i wrote them letters for every day i was gone. that was pretty hard to do, actually. you kind of run out of things to say after the 5th letter or so... i had little presents for them too. went over very well.
    i would like slade to do the same for me. or you. you can send me a week's worth of surprises!

  3. What a FABULOUS idea. Mind if I adopt it for our next trip?


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