13 January 2008

Happy Birthday Nadroj!

Ashley, Ben, Mom, Jordan, Dad, Me, Jacob, Ann

My sister, Jordan, turned the big 3-0 (yesterday, sorry I'm late, we were without internet Saturday).  I'm not sure what it was we were laughing at in this serious family photo taken years ago (dad, were you pinching us?), but that's one of the best things about sisters, laughing at nothing at all, sharing a moment that has no real meaning, yet full of meaning at the same time.  Jordan and I, having kids similar in age and difference in age, has brought us even closer than we were after spending a summer being "housekeeping" at a B&B on Nantucket Island.  We find it amusing that our own kids get a bit confused at who their mommy is when our families are together.  We share our battle stories of kids close in age, from nursing to potty training to keeping the toddlers busy.   She, however, manages to create beauty out of her chaos through her amazing ability to write.  Anyone who has read her works can attest to this claim.  I am waiting for her first novel.  I will be the first one to buy it, Jo.  I love you!


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