10 October 2007

WEEK TWO OF MY FAVORITES-Wednesday's Favorite

Ryan has taught me the goodness of the Public Library. I used to think it would be marvelous to have an enormous library of our own books, lined up in a great big bookcase for me to browse. After 5 moves, I'm grateful that never happened. Of course we have some great reference books, and a collection of cookbooks, as well as children's books that have been inscribed by grandparents of the year's events, but, as I said before, I've learned the goodness of the Public Library. After being seen with my great big cloth bags stuffed with books, carrying Azure, and calling, no pleading for the rest to come, a kind woman in the library parking lot told me of her method: The collapsible crate. Our personal books and library books no longer get to mingle with one another. We know where they go, and they're easy to grab and roll along. I must say two of my favorites make our library excursions a joy!

The collapsible crate can be found at office supply stores--I removed the hideous sticker with which they tried to advertise themselves.


  1. Is that MY Library Card!!

  2. I should use that for school but Ryan told me not to have anything on rollers for school because it is not cool. Oh well.


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