22 October 2007

Pearl Meet Cash, Cash Meet Pearl

Named after Johnny? I don't know, but he has an admirer. She spells in third person. "Can P-E-A-R-L go on a W-A-L-K to see the horse?" This girl has about 2 dozen miniatures and she loves them all. It must be love if she sleeps with hard, plastic creatures with four long legs poking her during the night. But, nothing beats being able to visit the real thing on the other side of our house.


  1. YEE HA!
    Cowpoke Pearl asked me about 38 questiona bout CASH last night.

    Why are there flies on him?

    Why does he eat the grass?

    Why does he not go in the barn?

    If he goes in the barn will flies still stay on him?

    Will he go in the barn if it rains?

    Is he bored standing in the field all day?

    Does he want her to stay with him?

    Would he like her to ride him?

    Do I like the smell of Cash's breath?

    Why is his hair coarse?

    Whats a mane? . . . .

  2. That is adorable! When did she start loving horses so much? Where is this scene?

  3. Ann, it seems she's always loved horses--and that barn in the background is behind our house.

  4. What a lukcy P-E-A-R-L! There is nothing better than the real thing.

  5. I didn't know you had a neighborly horse!

  6. Can I just say Pearl is certainly taking after her grandmother. I STILL want a horse!


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