31 October 2007

My Piles

Fulfilling the request of my sister, I am showing you my piles. I don't intend to get rid of them, though, like I would most piles. These are creation piles. I have my year's supply of fabric and of course trim (for how can I use up and rotate my fabric without trim and ribbons?)  So, you could say, they are happy piles. I just wish I had more time to rotate them.


  1. I love your piles bins of children's clothing assorted by size. They are also HAPPY piles.


  2. those are pleasant piles, unlike my piles which tend to be quite unpleasant to think about and don't look at. I don't know if I'm willing to share....

  3. I am jealous of your years worth of fabric so neatly piled. All of my fabric is scattered amongst various boxes in my basement just waiting to be organized. The other day I went all the way to the fabric store to buy lining that I knew I already had in order to avoid going through all those boxes. You have inspired me.


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