01 August 2007

Morning Walk Creature

Horseshoe Crab

Probably 20" in diameter, we found one of these this morning, as we walked along the beach. Ryan lifted it up with his foot so I could take a peek at this strange creature--creeeeeepy! Luckily a fellow walker stopped to let us know what it was we were inspecting. Perhaps we need to get a book?


  1. Cool! Is it horseshoe shaped?

  2. What a fun summer to discover such treasures. I love the beach.

  3. I've never seen one of those, really cool.

  4. i think i might like an armored shell like that. can you imagine how handy it would be if you got tired of the world around you? you could quite literally close down and shut out everything. Or imagine all those times you were so embarrassed you just wanted to crawl under a rock...
    i've never seen one of those either. lucky find.

  5. It's more like a half-circle than a horseshoe--wouldn't want to ever meet it in the water!


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