19 August 2007

100 Statements of Me

1. On our honeymoon, Ryan put toothpaste on both our toothbrushes. He still does, and I love it.  We use:

2. One of my favorite smells is browning butter.

3. I like to paint things around the house with nail polish.

4. My first day of first grade was traumatic. My glue leaked all over my new bag and school supplies. I tried not to, but I cried.

5. I've only had one speeding ticket--when I was 16, on my way to play my harp at my aunt's church. I got lost and panicked.

6. I can tell how long it's been since I've practiced the harp by the length of my fingernails.

7. My fingernails are way too long.

8. I was once rescued by a life guard in California because I thought he said over the loud speaker, "Wave your arms if you understand" instead of "wave your arms if you need help."

9. I don't like tuna.

10. I don't like mayo.

11. I don't like eggs.

12. I like to pop the grocery bags and scare my kids.

13. I like to hide and scare my kids.

14. I'm positive they like to be scared by me.

15. I'm a mail junky.

16. I hate junk mail.

17. I don't know how to do a cartwheel.

18. I'm learning to surf.

19. I went to state "Make It With Wool" in high school and won a pair of Gingher Scissors.

20. Some people have a year's supply of food. I have a year's supply of fabric.

21. I never had a cavity until I had kids.

22. I can't believe I have four daughters.

23. I thought every one of them was going to be a boy.

24. My dad made me a castor oil smoothie and I had Pearl 2 hours later--IN THE CAR!

25. I don't drink my dad's smoothies anymore.

26. I spent a summer on Nantucket Island with my sister, Jordan.

27. Then I flew to Paris for a semester abroad with BYU.

28. I helped my dad do the detail work on my grandma's blue polka-dot coffin.

29. Growing up, I thought it was normal to have a bomb shelter.

30. I have a metal plate and 2 screws in my pelvis.

31. No, I don't set off metal detectors at the airport.

32. I had a computer monitor fall on my head in 2nd grade.

33. I had my mission call to Portugal, Lisbon North.

34. I decided to stay home and marry Ryan.

35. I don't regret it. He promises to give me a mission some day.

36. "Are they ALL yours?" is the most common question I hear these days.

37. I'd like suggestions of alternate answers I could give.

38. "Are you going to try for a boy?" is another common question I get.

39. One of my top ten favorite things to do is take a shower.

40. I dream of going to the CIA some day (not that one, the Culinary Institute of America.)

41. I love a good paper store.

42. My friend, Julianne, and I were known as the baguette connoisseurs in Paris.

43. I need LOTS of sleep.

44. Katy is not short for anything.

45. I get called Kathy a lot.

46. I always had to spell my last name growing up. K-N-U-D-S-E-N. Yes, you pronounce the K.

47. I thought I wouldn't have to spell my last name after I got married. I do.

48. I've always wanted a hanging pot rack--perhaps some day.

49. I've only had one pedicure in my life.

50. I've never had my eyebrows waxed.

51. I've only colored my hair once.

52. I'm very particular about how my wash is done.

53. My 6, 4, and 3 year olds know how to sort laundry.

54. I enjoy doing the laundry. I just don't like to fold it, iron it, and put it away (or is that part of doing it?).

55. I love being a mom, at home with my kids.

56. I wish I took physiology with Mr. Webb in high school.

57. I try not to have regrets, but that one I really do.

58. I had 12 teeth pulled when I was in junior high. It was pretty scary--I was like a shark with rows of teeth.

59. I went on a cruise with all my relatives on my dad's side when I was in junior high.

60. I learned how to play the violin in junior high.

61. I've forgotten how.

62. My bedroom was the "hall of closets" when I was in high school.

63. I had my friends sign my ceiling--and their signatures are still there.

64. My shirt got stuck on the top of the fence at my French house in Paris as I was returning from a morning run. I was locked out and tried to climbed over, only to be left hanging. I waited until the metro went by, hoisted myself up, and tried to hide the big hole in my shirt as I walked in.

65. The first dress I ever sewed was for my barbie.

66. When I was younger, I would feel bad for my "old" stuffed animals at Christmas and birthdays, and try to play with everyone equally.

67. My hands and feet are always cold.

68. I used to pass notes to Jordan using our sophisticated contraption of pinning them on a pulley string outside our windows during "quiet time".

69. I know how to change a tire, change the oil in a car, do tile work, cut glass, and solder.

70. I ran a half-marathon the summer before I got married--I was so proud to finish, but nobody was there at the finish line.

71. I learned how to drive in an old, grey (with hot pink windshield wipers) suburban that had the license plate WHY ART. My sisters and I had to give everyone from high school a ride home.

That's it, in the background.

72. I love a good project. I recently painted the entire interior of our home.

73. I love to watch my kids sleep. It reminds me how much I love them.

74. I find a weak handshake, especially from men, extremely unattractive. Ryan has a very firm handshake.

75. I've had pet fish, hamsters, iguana, parakeet, a duck, a few chickens, and a variety of dogs.  Our dogs tended to dig up our dead hamsters.

My dad's chicken coop

76.  I always tell my kids not to eat the tiny marshmellows out of the Lucky Charms, but then I secretly do.

77.  I always regret it.

78.  I make a mean pie and really great hashbrowns.

79. I made my wedding dress.

80. And Jordan's.

81. And Ashley's.

82. And helped with Ann's until 3:30 am the morning of her wedding.

83. I made my wedding cake(s). It was a lime green, bee-themed wedding.

84. I've worked at Blender's (turned Zuka), BYU Continuing Education (Women's Conference), Great Harvest, and the floral department of Central Market.

85. When we were younger, we used to have contests of who could get my mom (unknowingly) to sing our song, or just say a word that she would, in turn, break into singing about it. I find I now sing about almost anything my kids will say.

86. I love M.F.K. Fisher's The Art of Eating.

87. We usually find that we are disappointed by restaurants and saying, "We could have had something much better at home." But, then again, there aren't dishes to do and food to put away afterward.

88. My mom says I taught myself how to read and to swim.

89. My favorite body parts are my legs.

90. I always get lost driving places--even when I've been there before--so I never judge anyone when they get lost.

91. Ryan hardly ever gets lost, but I can read maps better than he can.

92. The worst part of my day is 4 pm until the kids are in bed.

93. I love word games--anagrams and scrabble among my favorite. Ryan beats me all the time at anagrams, but never at scrabble.

94. I like to assemble things.

95. We got to fly first class--all six of us--when we moved here. The flight attendant brought around freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

96. I played my harp in my grandma's bedroom as she began to pass away. She said she could see many people surrounding me, though I was alone.

97. I like color, but also simplicity.

98. Out of all my years of sewing, I've only had the needle go through my fingernail once.  It wasn't as bad as it sounds.

99. In my 7 year's of being married with my own household, I've yet to grow an edible tomato.

100. A hundred things already? But there's so much more you're dying to know about me!


  1. Katy,
    Hi, remember me? From high school?
    I hope you don't think I'm a weirdo for commenting, but I linked here to your blog from your comments on the Provonian...anyway, I love the blog, it's really fun, and the girls are absolutely adorable. And I love their names. I noticed that their names were so cool when I saw your profile on the reunion website (I didn't go to the reunion--guessing you didn't either since you're so far away, we're Kansas City, so it's not a close drive.) Anyway, just wanted to say hi. :)


  2. Ginna! So fun to hear from you--I'll have to check out your blog. Kansas City, huh? Funny where life takes us, isn't it?

    I was surprisingly disappointed to miss the reunion, but we were just there the week before for my sister's wedding, so I couldn't make it. Glad you left me a comment!

  3. The marshmallows are the best part of lucky charms. Loved your 100 and love you too!

  4. and all this time i THOUGHT i knew you...
    what a mystery you are!
    i loved reading your 100s list. i think i shall make one of my own sometime soon.

    here's a thing: make me a list of your top ten all-time favorite songs.

  5. to those who ask if 'they're all yours', you should reply, 'yes, but i've learned to share.'

    the other day we were hiking in muir woods (amazing place)and ethan was being a pill. i was exasperated and noticed an older man watching me. he passed me a minute later (i was still negotiating with ethan) and smiled. i told him here was a five year old, free to a good home and he replied, in a very distinguished British accent, that if he were me, he wouldn't trade the lad for all the tea in China. good to have perspective thrown into your face in such a charming way.

  6. I could list 100 more things in an instant that are outstanding and wonderful about Katy and never use an example that she has chosen to share.

    My life is filled 100 billion ways with the blessing of Katy as my daughter by marriage. Oh, how I love you!


  7. Katy- you've made me homesick for your parents house, miss those highschool days of hanging out and the smell of paperwhites. thanks for the blog invite, it is great to hear what you are up to and see your girls grow!

  8. I can't do cartwheels either. Thanks for the invitation to your blog!

  9. Only you could come up with 100 things so creative that I didn't give up reading them!!! It was a great trip down memory lane. I miss you so much!


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