01 April 2007

A Pipe Cleaner Spectacle

With General Conference 2 hours later here, we had a morning to fill. So, what else to do but make pipe cleaner glasses? Sure, we ended up with chenille fuzz in our eyes, but don't we look cute? Azure missed out on the fun, but Divine made her a pair for later use. I've found that my kids respond better to a fun little craft or art project than a toy. The novelty of toys wears off quickly. An art project keeps their hands busy and when they tire of it, we keep a select few and "declutter" the rest. They especially enjoy it when we all sit down together as a family--of course.


  1. A spectacle indeed!!! And probably a little bit of conference time diversion, too. I just want to know where you got such fluffy colorful pipe cleaners???

  2. They are JUMBO pipe cleaners from Joann's fabric store--on clearance. The girls love to decorate their horses, themselves, me, visitors, well...anything really. We love 'em. (The girls and the pipe cleaners.)


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