06 March 2007

Being a mom

My sweet number four. I admit Azure's baby pictures are not quite as prolific as those of Divine's. I haven't even started on her photo album. I have made a conscientious decision, however, that I will not feel guilty. I think we as mothers have a proclivity for guilt, that we don't have the cleanest, biggest, nicest house, or that our kids aren't enrolled in every educational or athletic program available. Being a mother, having the responsibility of teaching another individual all of life's lesson in order to become a responsible, righteous, and respectable person, is the most difficult job there is. We need to forgive ourselves when we are less than perfect. Learning to be a mother is a process, just like most worthwhile things in life. What Azure lacks in photographic documentation of her babyhood, she is compensated for in love from her sisters and parents. Kids are amazingly resilient.


  1. I just loved this post! I agree completely! (I hope you don't mind - I clicked on your blog from Jordan's). Beautiful, beautiful baby!

  2. So glad to see you here,Ingrid! I want you and Katy to meet so badly, i think you are both a lot alike!

    Katy, less photos but more love--it is a very fair trade off. And your words were very timely for me today.

  3. Yes, Ingrid, now that we're both Floridians, we should get together, or perhaps get our kids together!

  4. Katy,
    Yes I agree! We really are not that far away and I believe we might have children that are the same age- Julianna 5 1/2, Ashley 3 1/2, and Tommy 21 months. I will email you. Perhaps we can talk Jordan into a trip to the Sunshine state!!! We would just LOVE that!

  5. Ahh, the wonder of technology. Now, I, gammy, of these beautiful children can enjoy long distance the exquisite words and pictures.

    Thank you Katy for taking some of your precious few free moments to share.


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